Police in Tulcea have reacted. According to this article (http://t.co/DIwWD9UTY3) they say they can’t acuse them of theft because my smartphone was stolen in Spain and not Romania. They however do know who they are and where they live..


They have watched the news. They are deleting the pictures as we speak. 


It was not my goal to offend or generalize the Romanian population with the gypsies that stole my phone. I apologise for this. 


I thought I had seen everything and thought these photos could not get any worse but then I received following pictures. 



Positive education

I did not and still don’t know what to think of the following pictures. First of all I find rather weird to see their kid grow up so fast. Secondly I’m happy he lays aside some money once in a while though.  

Online shopping

By the end of August I received a few photos she took of a website showing a very revealing, black dress. A week later I knew why. 


This summer the family decided the spend their holiday in lovely Trento.

Trento is the capital of Trentino. Trento is the educational, scientific, financial and political centre of Trentino-Alto Adigo in Tyral, Northern Italy.


are a girl’s best friend but a hand full of Romanian Lei will do the trick too. 

Royal Ascot Horse Race

Some occasions ask for more formal clothing. 

She might not dress as well as Victoria Beckham but she does put in some effort sometimes. 


This could be very well become a fashion blog because I receive tons of photos of her quite fashionable boyfriend. He likes ADIDAS. 

ADIDAS = All Day I Dream About Stealing 

Bucharest Fashion Week

Gypsies are very well known for the way they dress. Their clothing can either be very traditional or very exhuberant. 

I am happy to see the woman has found out about the ‘Effects’ button on my phone. 


I came to understand that my htc is actually being used by the guy’s girlfriend since i receive tons of #selfies showing her face. Here’s a small selection of the month October and different variations on what-to-wear-under-a-fishnet-top. 

Halloween costumes

or did these two just got home from their first robbery?

bust a move!

The wedding

Christmas, a time of happiness and love. At the end of last year the couple got invited to a wedding in Lille. I believe the woman’s sister got married. I’m not fond of the silver suit the man is wearing, definitely not a Cavalli. 


This cute couple caught the bouquet.


They also made some nice family photos. Every family has a crazy uncle who is always up for a joke and so do they.